Our unique sales method cuts the hassle and cost of expansion

If you are looking to expand your sales beyond your current market, China may be the route you haven’t considered. Our process couldn’t be simpler, and we won’t charge you a single penny!

Sound too good to be true? Let us explain.

Over the years, what began as shipping individual packages to China has developed into our own distinctive and robust framework for international sales. We have cultivated a network consisting of hundreds of distributors and sole traders, and thanks to both the network and our wealth of knowledge in international sales we firmly believe that our methods could increase the sales of your products.

First, we will upload your products to our existing sales channels and e-commerce sites within China. Whenever we receive an order, all you are required to do is sell your product to us at an agreed rate and we will handle customer service, packing and shipping to China.

The advantage of our method lies in the fact we sell through international e-commerce directly to the customer. While this has advantages as products are not eligible for certain tariffs and trade laws, it also means that controversial laws – for instance the animal testing policies required of cosmetics – do not apply.

Being a small organisation, we know that some companies prefer more autonomy when it comes to the sale of their products. To accommodate this, our service is entirely flexible allowing for a much or little involvement as you require.

While our standard service includes all the logistics of sales and exportation, we also have experience and contacts with a range of external services which can increase your brands reach within China. Having worked with various advertising channels and influential bloggers for both clients and our own company, we can recommend the best avenue for advertising in China and offer competitive rates for these services.

If you are interested in this service and want more information, contact us with the form below and we can arrange a free consultation to further discuss the potential of your product in an international market.

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