Import Goods and Materials at Competitive Rates

When it comes to creating your products, the cost of materials can drastically cut into your company’s profits. High-quality personalised product packaging alone costs an average of around 7-9% (1), a figure which may hurt your competitiveness within the market.

Here at Commercial Cross, we can assist your business by securing cheaper deals when it comes to your material needs. While in the UK and Western World businesses are primarily service oriented, China is well known as the leading manufacturing and production country across the globe. Hence, the creation and sale of raw, packaging or promotional materials can be sourced for a fraction of the cost.

Through our developed networks, we can handle the barriers commonly faced with importation – for instance language barriers, trade and tariff laws and identifying suitable and reputable companies that will suit your personal needs. We also ensure that you are receiving the cheapest import service available through our wealth of experience in international delivery.

The types material we can assist you with include, but are not limited to:

Personalised (logo/style)








Business Cards









Personalised Stationary

We know that some companies have reservations when it comes to importing products from China due to the belief that materials may be dangerous, however rest assured that we only conduct business with companies we know to uphold high standards and practices. Having imported materials for clients in the past, we only order from organisations we know to be reputable or conduct background checks on any new companies offering more competitive deals.

So, whether you are looking to secure raw, packaging or promotional material, contact us with the form below and we can further discuss what we can do to help your specific needs.

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