Our History

Previously operating as YBExpress, Wei Fu and Xiaosen Dou founded Commercial Cross Ltd. in 2015, having garnered many years experience selling and trading goods between the UK and China. What started as a service allowing Chinese students studying in Edinburgh easy and affordable transport of goods over the summer has grown into a network of sole traders and distributors. Hence, Commercial Cross was established with the aim to allow other small organisations to access this network and expand their businesses without the need for complicated logistics or expensive delivery costs.

YBExpress still operates today for students and consumers to ship their goods to China. We can be found at https://www.ybexpress.co.uk/en/

Our Logo

While the Blue and Red of our logo represents the trade between Scotland and China, our Cross stands for much more. It represents the bridge between your brand and a global audience. It represents the game changing variable in your development. It represents the multiplication and growth of your business, and marks opportunity on the map of your businesses future.

Our Belief

We hold a firm belief that the Chinese market is far from being saturated and that it shows incredible potential for new, small brands to follow on the trends of modern fashion and provide for the customer's changing demands. Given the right product and strategy, we trust in the ability of these emerging brands to overtake existing products.